Monthly Archives: July 2003


Welcome to Crop Circle Nirvana. Just what the world needs; yet another crop circle website. So what makes this one any different? 75% of what you read or hear about crop circles is likely to be nonsense. The other 25% is likely to be misinformed, or poorly researched, or misguided, or simply wrong.

We endeavour not to suffer fools. This doesn’t mean that we pretend to be right, or even that we believe we’re right.

It’s complicated.

Talk amongst yourselves for a second.

Some of you may may conclude after looking through these pages that we don’t take crop circles seriously. This isn’t true, though there are a great many wind-ups, in-jokes, references, and extended puns throughout the site. The title is the first; we’ll leave it up to you to decipher the others. We won’t be caught apologising for any of them.

One more thing: Crop Circle Nirvana has no ‘corporate view’ or ‘agenda’, as such, and is not in the pay of the CIA or CCC or other nefarious agencies beginning with the letter C. Views expressed are those of the individual writers.

But then, we would say that.