Monthly Archives: April 2008

The 2008 Season Begins

The first UK circle of the 2008 season was reported in oilseed rape at Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire, on 19th April (ground shot, below, by Peter Sorensen).

Though the first ground report (from Charles Mallett) stated it was messy, it seems to have been generally  well-received. We personally think it bodes well for the coming season.

It might also be worth pointing out that season-openers tend to be fairly sedate affairs, tucked away from sight; a 180′ design (which is big for oilseed rape) slap in the middle of crop circle ground zero couldn’t really be much more conspicuous if it tried. We’re looking forward to seeing what the fields have to offer up next.

Lucy Pringle’s aerial pictures of the Avebury formation can be found here.