Monthly Archives: February 2009

Two Sad Losses

We were very saddened to learn this last weekend of the death of researcher Paul Vigay.

Though we never got to meet Paul we did correspond with him and his research has had a profound influence on our perspective over the years, and indeed his touch can be found throughout this site. Though we oft disagreed with him, he always struck us as a most intelligent and giving guy. His website remains one of our most favourite circles sites, and we very-much hope somebody else is able to keep it online. He ever seemed one of the more level-headed cerealogists (most days we’d make a joke about tautologies there, but not today) and it’s difficult to imagine somebody else stepping up to the croppie oche as Paul did.

Our deepest condolences to Paul’s family and friends. We are certain that crop circle research won’t be the same without him.

Paul’s death came too soon in the wake of the death of venerable researcher, David Kingston. David had been researching the subject since the 1970s – indeed he was a Ufologist in the Warminster days. Another irreplaceable soul. Our commiserations to the Kingston clan and friends. The reader will find an orbituary here, and David’s website here.

May both go well.