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Two More Sad Losses

Two more sad losses to the croppie community. Pat Delgado died on 23rd May 2009. John Michell died on 24th April 2009.

Delgado was one of the very first crop circle researchers, drawn in by a pattern in a Hampshire field in 1981 and enraptured and promoting the circles every which way he could. Author of Circular Evidence and Crop Circles: The latest Evidence and Crop Circles: Conclusive Evidence(the former two with Colin Andrews).

Michell… What can we say? Visionary, mythologist, gentleman.In purely cerealogical terms he was integral in the founding of the Centre For Crop Circle Studies, and the first editor of The Cerealogist, and his impact on crop circle study cannot be underestimated. Hell, his impact full stop cannot be underestimated. Readers seeking a suitable epigraph could do a lot worse than read his book The New View Over Atlantis. Therein will you find him, and will find his resonance.

Michell also penned our favourite circular quote, in Crooked Soley: A Crop Circle Revelation (a book co-authored with Allan Brown), which sums up the wonder of the circles and their appeal far more eloquently than we’d attempt to:

“We cannot conscientiously advise anyone to enter the murky world of crop circle research. If you choose to do so – at your own risk – you enter a world of magic. No one has ever spent a summer in the ancient, sacred heart of England, from Avebury to the Vale of Pewsey, where the light and atmosphere are intense and crop circles proliferate, without being changed by the experience. You meet the most remarkable people, and you partake in a process whereby the light of divine knowledge enters minds, and hearts are stirred by the beauty of crop circles in their chosen setting. If you need an addiction, this is the best one you could find.”

Best of addictions indeed.

Erik Beckjord, Jonathan Sherwood, David Kingston, and Paul Vigay, John Michell, Pat Delgado… that’s six major croppies gone in less than a year. We sincerely hope that “ambulance chaser” croppies and conspiracy kooks don’t seek a pattern in this (the first whiff of which seemed to follow the deaths of Vigay and Kingston, but we’re very glad that line of enquiry has since been discarded).

It’s In The Air… Over There

It’s Spring, and the oilseed rape is in bloom, which as eggs are eggs means crop circles.

But what’s this? Eleven formations at the time of typing this, some of them of barley-quality or wheat-quality!

The scale and complexity of this season’s oilseed rape formations has been made much of, and indeed they are beautiful:

 Above: Roundway, Wiltshire, 29th April 2009. Below: Manton, Wiltshire, 4th May 2009. Both photos by Lucy Pringle.
Well, most are beautiful, at least; some, in our view, are a bit crap…
 Above: West Kennett, Wiltshire, 19th April 2009. Nice try, but no cigar. Below: Liddington Castle, 25th April 2009. Not even a try… Both photos by Lucy Pringle.
We think it less a quantum leap and more a practicality. A fair few – and indeed the more complex – of this season’s oilseed rape formations are in a new ‘dwarf’ strain of said crop, shorter and much more manageable. The field reports we’ve read of these formations ignore this pert piece of data. One could be forgiven for thinking, from reading the reports, that these designs are in the same 7′ tangling crop that every other season’s rape formations have appeared in. They aren’t.

Is It Real? Crop Circles

2004august9westkennettNational Geographic documentary from 2004 featuring Andy Thomas, John Lundberg, John Wabe, Matthew Williams, Nancy Talbot, Paul Vigay, Reg Presley, Robin Allen, amongst others. make a square spiral formation for the cameras (see right).