Monthly Archives: February 2012

Crop Circle Song

And while we’re on the subject of crop circle videos, we had to take the time to post this….

By the Lion King himself, Gregg Brown. We’re sure you’ll have seen this already, but it never ceases to entertain us. We salute you, sir. How has this man not become a megastar?

Oh To Catch A Circlemaker

Miles Johnston’s film Oh To Catch A Circlemaker, detailing the events of the 7th July 2007 East Field formation and its aftermath, is now available to view on YouTube. Link here, or view below.



We personally found this formation a bit of a shambles – it very clearly went wrong, as even a cursory glimpse at the aerial shows – and something of a disgrace to its once mighty location. As the ever-prescient Luther put it on the Crop Circle Connector forum at the time, “There goes the neighbourhood”….