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Merlin In The Slammer

George Vernon, better known as Merlin, is a name perhaps only known to long-in-the-tooth croppies such as ourselves these days. We well remember him flogging his crop circle board game at The Barge Inn every season back in the 1990s. Unfortunately George has been banged up for racially abusing his neighbour.  Here are two articles for you to read; the first a news piece from The Mirror covering the crime and sentencing, the second a very interesting historical piece from World Gathering regarding George’s involvement in the legendary Operation Blackbird. Screen captures of the latter below. Thanks to our friends at Circular State Of Mind for the links.

merlin 1

merlin 2

merlin 3

merlin 4

merlin 5

merlin 6

Rose Wyrdness

2015.06.22_19.26.36_-_Steve_AlexanderCharles Mallett interviews Spanish tourists regarding experiences in the 22 June 2015 Uffcott circle, including seeing tornados (within the circle; we wonder if it was more a “dust devil” than an actual tornado) and a strange “energy barrier” / wall. It should be noted perhaps that these events took place at the end of July 2015, after the circle had been cut, which doesn’t make them any less interesting.

Photo of Uffcott circle by Steve Alexander.