Terry & Jack

Terry & Jack sounds like the name of a crappy sit-com. This Daily Mail article reads like a pre-publicity piece for the forthcoming / will it ever be released? film Circles. It’s not clear whether Terry is claiming the specific formations depicted or whether they are for illustrative purposes (that said, we do know which circles Terry has made). Article here, screen captures below.

terry 1

terry 2

terry 3

terry 4terry 5terry 6

terry 7

terry 8

terry 9

terry 10

2 thoughts on “Terry & Jack

  1. Betty Ford

    I’m not sure who is taking the piss here, beyond Terry doing it to himself. I think he’s been triggered by the stuff about the film which has completely flopped or will never see the light of day. There’s a message here kids … stay off the drugs and keep out of the newspapers.


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