Monthly Archives: April 2016

Colin Andrews: The Movie

Since Circular Evidence: The Movie ain’t ever gonna get made, watch this instead; Paranormal TV documentary that looks like it was made c.1991/1992 and focusing on Colin Andews and “the unravelling of the mystery of crop circles” (not that much ‘unravelling’ occurs). Also featuring Busty Taylor, Polly Carson, Chad Deetken, Richard Andrews, William Levengood, and a few howlers; tell us, Colin, which year was it that saw 1,500 circles?

Nancy Loses It?

This has been doing the rounds for a few months, and purports to be a recording of a telephone call made by Nancy Talbot in response to a National Geographic documentary. Nancy denies the recording is her. Is it? It does sound rather like her, to our ears, but who knows?