Downton, Wiltshire, August 2016

Famed circlemaker Julian Richardson has made a crop circle for Audi of their logo at Wick Farm, Downton, Wiltshire. We rather like it. From this shot, it looks very accurate, but then, Julian always did know what he was doing.


Here’s a shot of Julian mid-construction. According to Julian, the formation took three hours to make, at night. Circlemakers don’t usually wear headtorches in the fields, of course, but when the farmer is being paid and one doesn’t have to worry about being spotted, we can imagine it’s a great help when trying to read tape measurements. Why not just make it during the day?


The Audi website features an article with more information and images and video of the construction. Screen captures below.

audi 1

audi 2

audi 3

audi 4

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