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Along with Croppies, perhaps our favourite circles documentary. Its subtitle, “A Journey Into The Heart Of Crop Circle Country”, says it all. Featuring one of the biggest cast lists of any circles doc, including Steve Alexander, Charles Mallett, Michael Glickman, Colin Andrews, Matthew Williams, Lucy Pringle, Terence Meaden, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor, Peter Sorensen, Doug Bower, John Lundberg, George Wingfield, Francine Blake, Karen Alexander, Freddy Silva, Andy Thomas, William Levengood, Ed Sherwood, Kris Sherwood, Ron Russell, Simeon Hein, Suzanne Taylor, Polly Carson, Tim Carson, Isabelle Kingston, John Wabe, Dan Darby, Geoff Stray, amongst others. Recommended viewing.

Now That’s What I Call Crop Circles 2016 [HJ]

Our annual pick of the best of the season in the UK.


Mere, Wiltshire 8 June 2016. Photo by Steve Alexander.


Ovington, Hampshire, 24 June 2016. Photo by Steve Alexander.


Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, 16 July 2016. Photo by Eva-Marie Brekkestø.


Callstone Wellington, Wiltshire, 25 July 2016. Photo by Steve Alexander.


Mattterley Basin, Hampshire, 25 July 2016. Photo by Frank Laumen


Cley Hill, Wiltshire, 30 July 2016. Photo by Tom Keegan.


Ansty, Wiltshire, 12 August 2016. Though I can’t say I ‘like’ this formation, I can appreciate its technical brilliance. Photo by Frank Laumen.

Hugh Janus

Crop Circles: Quest For Truth

Excellent film by William Gazecki, featuring interviews with Karen Alexander, Colin Andrews, Francine Blake, Polly Carson, Michael Glickman, Bert Janssen, Isabelle Kingston, Nick Kollerstrom, Charles Mallett, John Martineau (who is seldom seen in crop circle documentaries), John Michell (likewise), Andreas Muller, Janet Ossebaard, Lucy Pringle, Nancy Talbot, Busty Taylor, Andy Thomas, Paul Vigay, George Wingfield, amongst others.