And so we’re a website again!

For those of you who don’t know, some history; the original Crop Circle Nirvana website ran from 2003-2011 (which we guess makes us one of the oldest crop circle websites still going…), following which we ran the site as a blog via blogspot until June 2016, and now we have our own dedicated web space once more.

Our take on crop circles is irreverent, humourous, sometimes controversial. We take a long and wide view of the subject and have a great appreciation of its history. We often write about the stuff others don’t, or won’t. We know a great deal more than we say. We don’t care what you think makes circles; you can believe whatever you wish, as long as you don’t berate and ridecule others for what they believe. We don’t suffer fools, of which the croppie scene unfortunately has an abundance at the moment. If you’re a cereological chump, expect to be taken to task.

Some of you may conclude after looking through these pages that we don’t take crop circles seriously. This isn’t true, though there are a great many wind-ups, in-jokes, references, and extended puns throughout. The title is the first; we’ll leave it to you to decipher the rest. we won’t be caught apologising for any of them.

One more thing; Crop Circle Nirvana has no ‘corporate view’ or agenda, as such, and is not in the pay of the CIA or CCC or other nefarious agencies beginning with the letter C. Views expressed are those of the writers. But then, we would say that.