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Rupert Sheldrake Talks Crop Circles

Historic footage from August 1992 filmed at the Esalen Institute in California, Rupert Sheldrake talks crop circles with Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham, with emphasis on the 1992 Circle Making Competition. Recommended viewing.

Also recommended is this precusor trialogue by Sheldrake, McKenna, and Abraham, from 1991 (audio only).

Peter Sorensen Season Videos

Back in the 1990s, researcher Peter Sorensen produced annual season videos documenting each year’s circles. Think of them as the filmic equivalent of the Alexanders’ Yearbooks. They were always a pleasure to watch, a mix of crop circle documentary and ‘what I did on my holidays’. Peter’s view of the circles’ source changed over the years however, and once he expressed the opinion that all circles were manmade, video sales rapidly dipped and within a few years Peter stopped producing them. We believe 2002/2003 was the last one he did. Here are all the ones we’ve been able to find online. Our thanks to Matthew Williams for taking the time to upload these to YouTube.