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It’s In The Air… Over There

It’s Spring, and the oilseed rape is in bloom, which as eggs are eggs means crop circles.

But what’s this? Eleven formations at the time of typing this, some of them of barley-quality or wheat-quality!

The scale and complexity of this season’s oilseed rape formations has been made much of, and indeed they are beautiful:

 Above: Roundway, Wiltshire, 29th April 2009. Below: Manton, Wiltshire, 4th May 2009. Both photos by Lucy Pringle.
Well, most are beautiful, at least; some, in our view, are a bit crap…
 Above: West Kennett, Wiltshire, 19th April 2009. Nice try, but no cigar. Below: Liddington Castle, 25th April 2009. Not even a try… Both photos by Lucy Pringle.
We think it less a quantum leap and more a practicality. A fair few – and indeed the more complex – of this season’s oilseed rape formations are in a new ‘dwarf’ strain of said crop, shorter and much more manageable. The field reports we’ve read of these formations ignore this fact. One could be forgiven for thinking, from reading the reports, that these designs are in the same 7′ tangling crop that every other season’s rape formations have appeared in. They aren’t.