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The Croppies

Not to be confused with Croppies – which is much more entertaining – a series of German (with English subtitles for the most part) films from the makers of the documentary New Swirled Order. Filmed in 2012 and featuring plenty of ground and drone shots from that season, Andreas Muller, Jonathan Paul de Vierville, Karen Alexander, Michael Glickman, Steve Alexander, Monique Klinkenbergh, Elisabeth Zollinger, Jay Goldner, Ross Holcomb, along with numerous everyday croppies, also make an appearance. Enjoyable to watch, but one can’t help but feel the material would have been better served by editing it down into an hour-long feature.

Note: Part 4 is missing English subtitles (though half of it is in English anyway).

Note: Part 6 is also missing subtitles.

Note: Part 8 is also missing subtitles.

The Boycott That Never Was

You may well have heard talk of an alleged boycott of Wiltshire fields by circle makers this season – indeed we have touched on it in other posts. The following was posted by Andrew Edwards on the Report A Crop Circle Formation Exposed Facebook page. As we had suspected, a look at the figures clearly demonstrates that all boycott talk was hot air. A salutary lesson; ignore those who shout loudest and look at the actual data.

”In MWs latest rant he makes a statement that if you were to compare the number of circles in and out of Wiltshire then we would see the effect of his ‘ban’ especially early in the season. So I have done this for every day of the year and compared it with the yearly average for every year since 1980. I have plotted the percentage of UK circles in and out of Wiltshire as a percentage of the total number of UK crop circles that year. Obviously this year is not over yet so I have taken the total to be that as of today.
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The dashed lines are the averages, the solid lines is this year and the filled colours are the standard deviation (68% of years fall within this area). The red is the percentage of circles in Wiltshire and blue is the percentage elsewhere.As you can see that although the percentage of crop circles in Wiltshire is lower than the average (and outside is higher) they are both well within the population standard deviation indicating that there is nothing weird about this years distribution. An interesting observation is that since 2007 most of the years (2010 being the exception) have been way off the average, outside the standard deviation with a strong skewness towards circles within Wiltshire.
In fact removing the years later than 2007 from the average this year is almost exactly the same as it.
If anything this year has been a return to the norm.”
– Andrew Edwards

Now That’s What I Call Crop Circles 2012

Our pick of the best of this year in the UK.

Corley, Warwickshire, 11 July 2012. Photo by Steve Alexander.

Yatesbury, Wiltshire, 17 July 2012. Photo credit not known.

Devizes, Wiltshire, 28 July 2012. Photo by Janet Ossebaard

Ogbourne Down, Wiltshire, 29 July 2012. Photo by Lucy Pringle.

Owslebury, Hampshire, 29 July 2012. Photo by Lucy Pringle.

All Cannings, Wiltshire, 5 August 2012. Photo by Lucy Pringle.

Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, 9 August 2012. Ignore all the bull you may have heard from Report A Crop Circle Formation; this circle was not commissioned. Photo by Steve Alexander.

Wappenbury, Warwickshire, 15 August 2012. Photo by Steve Alexander.

Savernake, Wiltshire, 23 August 2012. Photo credit not known.

Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, 26 August 2012. Photo by Lucy Pringle.

Windmill Hill, Wiltshire,14 October 2012. Photo by Phillipe Ullens.