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Cherrington, Gloucestershire, 27 July 2014

Our favourite circle of the season, and one that we know was much-loved by many people.

Even the farmer loved this one, despite his initial misgivings. The story featured in The Daily Mail on 5 August 2014 and is well-worth repeating, if only because it’s heartening to see a farmer appreciative of a circle that appears on his land, especially in view of the anger of many Wiltshire farmers in recent years. Read it here – below we have included screen captures of the whole article, partly for convenience and partly in case the link goes down:


We were especially impressed with the fact that The Daily Mail of all people acknowledged that the pentagram is a harmonious symbol and not a satanic one. Unlike Andrew Pyrka and Report A Crop Circle Formation, who went all fire and brimstone, hell and damnation, over this circle:

Yeah, right, Andrew, of course. Now go and take your meds.

Ignoring the ring of code – which has yet to be deciphered – perhaps the most striking and innovative thing about this design is the fact that the pattern is entirely within the lay rather than the conventional ‘alternating standing and flattened bits’ style. Yes, there have been woven circles before – indeed there were other woven circles in 2014 – but Cherrington takes it to another level entirely. Though few people seemed to pick up on it when Cherrington appeared, there is one particular example we can think of where this has been done before.

This circle appeared below the Hackpen Hill white horse in August 2013. From a distance it merely looks like a small and unremarkable ringed circle.

Hackpen Hill, 11 August 2013. Note the white horse to the right in the photo above, and – just to the left of the circle – the ghost of the Hackpen Hill cubes formation of August 2012, which was in the same field. Hackpen Hill photos above and below by Janet Ossebaard.

A closer look, however, reveals a striking hexagram lay.


This was one of those circles which was for the most part neglected when it appeared, but which was loved by all who took the time to appreciate it, especially those who visited. Its qualities take effort on the part of the participant. Perhaps that is the message of these two circles; get to know them, appreciate the detail, rather than just give the aerials a quick glance and a ‘yeah that’s nice’ or ‘fail’.

We’ve not seen anybody else link these two circles, though to our minds the relationship is obvious. Cherrington 2014 is Hackpen Hill 2013 taken to the next level.

The Boycott That Never Was

You may well have heard talk of an alleged boycott of Wiltshire fields by circle makers this season – indeed we have touched on it in other posts. The following was posted by Andrew Edwards on the Report A Crop Circle Formation Exposed Facebook page. As we had suspected, a look at the figures clearly demonstrates that all boycott talk was hot air. A salutary lesson; ignore those who shout loudest and look at the actual data.

”In MWs latest rant he makes a statement that if you were to compare the number of circles in and out of Wiltshire then we would see the effect of his ‘ban’ especially early in the season. So I have done this for every day of the year and compared it with the yearly average for every year since 1980. I have plotted the percentage of UK circles in and out of Wiltshire as a percentage of the total number of UK crop circles that year. Obviously this year is not over yet so I have taken the total to be that as of today.
Add caption
The dashed lines are the averages, the solid lines is this year and the filled colours are the standard deviation (68% of years fall within this area). The red is the percentage of circles in Wiltshire and blue is the percentage elsewhere.As you can see that although the percentage of crop circles in Wiltshire is lower than the average (and outside is higher) they are both well within the population standard deviation indicating that there is nothing weird about this years distribution. An interesting observation is that since 2007 most of the years (2010 being the exception) have been way off the average, outside the standard deviation with a strong skewness towards circles within Wiltshire.
In fact removing the years later than 2007 from the average this year is almost exactly the same as it.
If anything this year has been a return to the norm.”
– Andrew Edwards

Now That’s What I Call Crop Circles 2013

Our annual pick of the best of the UK season….

West Kennett, Wiltshire, 6 July 2013. Photo by Philippe Ullens

Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, 15 July 2013. Photo by Janet Ossebaard.

Tidcombe, Wiltshire, 10 August 2013. Photo by Frank Laumen

Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, 11 August 2013. Photo by Steve Alexander.

Pewsey, Wiltshire, 23 August 2013. Photo by Steve Alexander.

Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, 31 August 2013

Captain Croppie

As our posts this year may indicate, this hasn’t been the best of crop circle seasons. The circles themselves are down in numbers, some of what we’ve seen in the fields is shoddy at best, everybody hates everybody else, and the farmers are out with their combines at first sniff of some stomped crop. Some of these problems – particularly the cutting of circles – have been a long time coming, and we don’t intend to go into the reasons here. Croppie Ale think they have the solution, and a frankly naive one (and – considering the role some of the Barge’s punters have played in the current situation – an insulting one) it is, too; let’s hope they mean it as a joke. It’s gonna take more than a pint to sort things out. At least it’s a tasty enough beverage with which to drown out the season’s sorrows…



“Worst. Crop Circles. Ever!”

As if the season couldn’t get any worse, now The Daily Mail have put the boot in. Article here, screen captures below. Lots of factual errors here, and it is after all The Daily Mail, so we recommend you proceed with caution.

daily mail worst 1

daily mail worst 2

daily mail worst 3

daily mail worst 4

daily mail worst 5

daily mail worst 6

daily mail worst 7

daily mail worst 8

daily mail worst 9

“Sadly It Has Come To This” [mc]



“Sadly it has come to this”? Are you honestly surprised? When certain circlemakers boast about which circles they’ve made on internet TV and elsewhere, insulting the farmers while drinking in the same pubs as them, and making it blatant exactly what they do? The farmers aren’t the idiots they’re painted to be. They know exactly who these people are, what they do, and they’re sick of being taken the piss out of. They’ve said many times they’ll cut any circles that appear, and now they’re holding good on that threat.

Miles Challett

Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, 6 July 2013 [mc]

It’s the Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group conference this weekend. So when it was made public that a commissioned formation was to be made, RACCF instantly assume that they had commissioned said formation to aid their conference.



When the formation was made – and it’s certainly the best design of this season and very well-constructed despite its small size – and it was revealed that it was paid for by the French media, that was confirmation enough. Francine Blake’s French – what more proof do we need? She’s French, they’re French, it’s obvious isn’t it? A leap of logic worthy of another Frenchman, Inspector Clouseau. I await the report from them telling us it was made by Jean Reno and Gérard Depardieu.

RACCF, how stupid do you think people are? How blind do you believe people are to the politics and personalities of the crop circle scene that they would believe this latest dreamed-up notion from you? If WCCSG were going to commission a formation – and I don’t for one moment believe they would – do you think it would be announced before the formation was even made? They’re in the mystery business – of course it wouldn’t.  Please think next time before you post crap like this. I’m told some people actually believe it.

Miles Challett

Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Asti, Italy, 30 June 2013 [mc]

Report A Crop Circle Formation like to let people think they are privy to everything that goes on behind the scenes in the crop circle world, and often know of formations before they have even appeared in the field. Indeed in some cases they do – though why any circlemaker would trust them to tell them such things is beyond me. I mean, of course, the circlemakers that aren’t RACCF themselves or their extended team.

Formations they’ve predicted in the past are usually of very shabby quality, so when another ‘there’s a new circle on its way!’ post appeared on their Facebook page on 30 June, some of us were already expecting the worst.


As it turned out, there wasn’t a new circle. There was, however, as they say “a good chance” that there would be, it being a weekend at the end of June, and if a new circle had just happened to appear RACCF could claim foreknowledge where they had none. They were guessing. This isn’t research, it’s a craps shoot.

But then a circle was reported in Italy, which gives them the chance to redeem their claim in their eyes.


RACCF, you had no knowledge whatsoever of this circle or the circumstances of its arrival, but you’ve used it to bolster your sham prediction anyway. Well-done – another perfectly fine circle smeared by association with you and your shoddy gang.

Miles Challett