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UK Crop Circles August 2017 [HJ]

Hannington, Wiltshire, 4 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Frank Laumen.

Rollright Stones, near Little Compton, Oxfordshire, 5 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Frank Laumen.

Monarch’s Way, near Wooton Waven, Warwickshire, 7 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Lucy Pringle.

Sutton Hall, near Rochford, Essex, 17 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Prashant Trivedi.

Hugh Janus

“Farmers Tell Of Stress And Anguish Over Unwanted Crop Circle”

As a counter to our last post, here’s an article from Farmer’s Weekly wherein the farmers of the field hosting the 4 August Hannington circle express their distress at its arrival. How much this contradicts their stance in the BBC article is open to the reader to judge. Article here, screens below.

As usual Matthew Williams couldn’t resist wading in to the comments section, and his post has likely done more damage than good in our estimation. In the current climate, and in an effort to save as many circles as possible from the blades of the combine, such comments should be kept to oneself.