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UK Crop Circles June 2017 [HJ]

The Sanctuary, near Avebury, Wiltshire, reported 3 June 2017. A ringed circle. Barley. Image by Neil Petherick.

Woolstone Hill, Oxfordshire, 4 June 2017. Barley. A very elegant design featuring numerous circles with standing centres. Image by Mr Gyro.

Little Knoll, near Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, 9 June 2017. Barley. Note the woven centre, which is unusual for barley. This was cut out by the farmer very soon after it arrived. Image by The Crop Circle Connector.

Target Wood, near Maiden Bradley, Dorset, reported 16 June 2017. A Tree of Life design in barley. Paul Jacobs negotiated access to this one, collecting money for charity on behalf of the farmer. It is a shame its maker saw fit to post his diagram on the internet while it was still in the field. Image by Jane Barford.

Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, 17 June 2017. Wheat. A ‘circular saw’ and crescent. It is good to see Cheesefoot Head reactivated as a circles hotspot again. Photo by Lucy Pringle.

West Kennett, Wiltshire, 21 June 2017. Wheat. A woven single circle. Wiltshire almost always sees a crop circle timed to arrive for the summer solstice. This was cut out by the farmer the morning it appeared. Image by The Crop Circle Connector, who were the only people to get photographs.

Thorn Hill, near East Kennett, Wiltshire, 26 June 2017. A pictogram-style design in wheat. Image by Hugh Newman.

Hugh Janus