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UK Crop Circles August 2017 [HJ]

Hannington, Wiltshire, 4 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Frank Laumen.

Rollright Stones, near Little Compton, Oxfordshire, 5 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Frank Laumen.

Monarch’s Way, near Wooton Waven, Warwickshire, 7 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Lucy Pringle.

Sutton Hall, near Rochford, Essex, 17 August 2017. Wheat. Image by Prashant Trivedi.

Hugh Janus

UK Crop Circles July 2017 [HJ]

Boreham Wood, near Lockeridge, Wiltshire, 1 July 2017. Wheat. Image by Lucy Pringle.

Battlebury Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire, 5 July 2017. Wheat. A quite lovely variant on the quintuplet. Image by Frank Laumen.

Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, 8 July 2017. Wheat. Image by Lucy Pringle.

Cley Hill, near Warminster, Wiltshire, 18 July 2017. Wheat. Image by Frank Laumen.

Atherington, West Sussex, 19 July 2017. Wheat. Image by Jason Chalk.

Greensand Ridge Walk, near Cardington, Bedfordshire. 21 July 2017. Wheat. So small it barely qualifies as a crop circle. Image Trevor Orman.

Hugh Janus


“Crop Circles Are Criminal Damage”

A recent statement from Wiltshire Police:

“With summer well and truly underway we have seen an increase of crop circles appearing across the county. They might seem harmless but they actually have a huge negative impact on the hardworking landowners and farmers whose crops are damaged. Creating a crop circle is CRIMINAL DAMAGE and an offence.

The damage caused means a loss in revenue to the farmer and landowner. They also have to deal with civil trespass issues on their land after a crop circle has been created when members of the public come without permission, to view the circle. It has also been known for individuals to pose as part of a charity or as the landowner at the site of crop circles and attempt to take ‘donations’ from people viewing the crop circle.

We urge all farmers and landowners if they have has a crop circle on their land to report it to us on 101 so it can be recorded. Often immediately after a crop circle appears, individuals will arrive with a drone to photograph it. Take note of any vehicles, their registration plates, and any individuals and pass this information to the police.

Individuals using a drone in the immediate time after a crop circle, may be connected to group who have created the circle. The footage is quickly circulated on social media to generate interest. Although we do accept that crop circle enthusiasts will use a drone to capture aerial photos as the circle becomes more widely known about. Prior to visiting though check that permission has been given by the landowner to enter the land.

If a circle is created on your land make sure you tell the Crop Circle Community if you decide to allow/ not allow access to the general public, and if you intend to cut the circle out. This should reduce unwanted visitors.

There are 3 places to do this:




We also ask the public to help support our rural communities by reporting any suspicious vehicles, behaviour or people in crop fields to police on 101 they may be attempting to create a crop circle and committing criminal damage. If you can see a crop circle creation in progress, call police on 999.”

UK Crop Circles June 2017 [HJ]

The Sanctuary, near Avebury, Wiltshire, reported 3 June 2017. A ringed circle. Barley. Image by Neil Petherick.

Woolstone Hill, Oxfordshire, 4 June 2017. Barley. A very elegant design featuring numerous circles with standing centres. Image by Mr Gyro.

Little Knoll, near Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire, 9 June 2017. Barley. Note the woven centre, which is unusual for barley. This was cut out by the farmer very soon after it arrived. Image by The Crop Circle Connector.

Target Wood, near Maiden Bradley, Dorset, reported 16 June 2017. A Tree of Life design in barley. Paul Jacobs negotiated access to this one, collecting money for charity on behalf of the farmer. It is a shame its maker saw fit to post his diagram on the internet while it was still in the field. Image by Jane Barford.

Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, 17 June 2017. Wheat. A ‘circular saw’ and crescent. It is good to see Cheesefoot Head reactivated as a circles hotspot again. Photo by Lucy Pringle.

West Kennett, Wiltshire, 21 June 2017. Wheat. A woven single circle. Wiltshire almost always sees a crop circle timed to arrive for the summer solstice. This was cut out by the farmer the morning it appeared. Image by The Crop Circle Connector, who were the only people to get photographs.

Thorn Hill, near East Kennett, Wiltshire, 26 June 2017. A pictogram-style design in wheat. Image by Hugh Newman.

Hugh Janus

UK Crop Circles May 2017 [HJ]

Willoughby Henge, near Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 4 May 2017. Oilseed rape. Image by Hugh Newman.

Oxleaze Copse, near Stitchcombe, Wiltshire, 21 May 2017. The season’s first barley formation, this was cut out by the farmer the day it appeared. Image by The Crop Circle Connector, who as far as I am aware are the only people to have gotten pictures of it.

Cerne Abbas, Dorset, reported 22 May 2017. Barley. Very close to the famed Cerne Abbas hill figure. Image by Hugh Newman.

St Michael’s Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, 24 May 2017. Barley. Small but quite lovely. Image by Duncan Scobie.

Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, 25 May 2017. Barley. A very pretty quintuplet design in the field below the Milk Hill white horse. I think it would look better without the ‘crown’ but there you go. Image by Hugh Newman.

Winchester, Hampshire, 25 May 2017. The season’s first wheat design, in a field that doesn’t look anywhere near ready yet. Image by Hugh Newman.

Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, 28 May 2017. Barley. This clearly looks like it went wrong and was abandoned part-finished. Image by Lucy Pringle

Broad Hinton (2), Wiltshire, 28 May 2017. A much better design in an adjacent field to the first Broad Hinton formation. A quite beautiful and original design, featuring 75 small circles. It is a shame the pentagram is a little lop-sided, otherwise this would be one of the best circles of the season. Image by Lucy Pringle.

Fonthill Down, near Chicklade, Wiltshire, 28 May 2017. Barley. Image by Jane Barford.

Hugh Janus


UK Crop Circles April 2017 [HJ]

Cherhill, Wiltshire, 16 April 2017. A pictogram-style design in oilseed rape below the Cherhill white horse. The first circle of 2017 was a pleasing one. Unfortunately the farmer was less than happy and cut it out within a week of its appearance, perhaps because of the number of visitors it attracted despite his pleas to stay out of the field. To my knowledge, this is the first time ever that an oilseed rape circle has been cut out by the farmer. Photo by Mr Gyro.

Tarlton, Gloucestershire, 18 April 2017. Oilseed rape. A small circle with standing crescent and with two much smaller nearby satellite circles. These circles appeared to be much more lightly laid than Cherhill – perhaps due to the youth of the crop – and attracted a very curious UFO report – see article here. Photo by Mr Gyro.

Waden Hill, Avebury, Wiltshire, 22 April 2017. Oilseed rape. Six spinning crescents with standing cube in the centre. Diameter c.200′. The axis of the cube points directly to the centre of Avebury stone circle. Photo by Phillippe Ullens.

Oliver’s Castle, Wiltshire, 24 April 2017. A large ring with 27 much smaller rings superimposed. Oilseed rape. Photo by Hugh Newman.

Madron Holy Well and Chapel, Cornwall, 28 April 2017. Grass. Unfortunately these two photographs are all I have seen of this circle. It would seem to have been entirely neglected. Perhaps if it were in Wiltshire, or in oilseed rape, it would have received more attention.