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UK Crop Circles May 2016 [hj]

This is the first in what I am hoping will be a series of monthly posts as the season progresses. We will not be announcing each new circle as it appears, we simply do not have the time or resources for that, but intend through these round-up articles to provide some insight into the season as it develops. Photo by Philippe Ullens / Avebury Henge Shop except where indicated.

The 2016 season was a little late in starting, with no circles reported in April. The first circle to appear, however, at Hill Barn, West Overton, Wiltshire, on 5 May was a most pleasing season opener.2016.05.23_12.52.29_-_Philippe_Ullens

It is a shame, however, that a known local circle maker decided to visit it and post his ground shots all over the internet the day it was found. I am not saying that he made it, but his name is now forever associated with it which tarnishes the circle and diminishes its power.

The next three circles – at East Field, Wiltshire, 11 May, Avebury, Wiltshire, 15 May, and Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, 28 May, were much simpler affairs. They do, however, bear some analysis.




This return to much simpler designs is notable, and not for the reason put forward by Andrew Pyrka on his Crop Circle Wisdom Facebook page –

CCW 29 May old school designs

Not everybody is as lazy as you are when it comes to making circles, Mr Pyrka. I think this “return to old school designs” happened for a different reason.

The progression from single circle, to ringed circle, to double-ringed circle, was picked up by many, as it seemed to echo the circles’ early history. I have not seen it noted anywhere, however, that all these circles appeared in “prime circles real estate” Wiltshire locations. Locations where previously farmers have been very antagonistic and have cut circles, and not without good reason (please see previous articles on this blog). Perhaps these 2016 circles are more a “testing of the water”? Small and simple designs, to see how the farmer would react? A building of bridges? A hand extended? One can only speculate.

Hugh Janus

Inside Report A Crop Circle Formation

Charles Mallett interviews former RACCF admin Krsanna Duran in an attempt to peep behind the curtain of “The RACCF/Pyrka Phenomenon”. Despite our click-bait header it must be said that this video is long on duration, makes for cheek-numbing viewing, and won’t tell anybody who has already looked in any depth at said phenomenon much they don’t already know.

Cherrington, Gloucestershire, 27 July 2014

Our favourite circle of the season, and one that we know was much-loved by many people.

Even the farmer loved this one, despite his initial misgivings. The story featured in The Daily Mail on 5 August 2014 and is well-worth repeating, if only because it’s heartening to see a farmer appreciative of a circle that appears on his land, especially in view of the anger of many Wiltshire farmers in recent years. Read it here – below we have included screen captures of the whole article, partly for convenience and partly in case the link goes down:


We were especially impressed with the fact that The Daily Mail of all people acknowledged that the pentagram is a harmonious symbol and not a satanic one. Unlike Andrew Pyrka and Report A Crop Circle Formation, who went all fire and brimstone, hell and damnation, over this circle:

Yeah, right, Andrew, of course. Now go and take your meds.

Ignoring the ring of code – which has yet to be deciphered – perhaps the most striking and innovative thing about this design is the fact that the pattern is entirely within the lay rather than the conventional ‘alternating standing and flattened bits’ style. Yes, there have been woven circles before – indeed there were other woven circles in 2014 – but Cherrington takes it to another level entirely. Though few people seemed to pick up on it when Cherrington appeared, there is one particular example we can think of where this has been done before.

This circle appeared below the Hackpen Hill white horse in August 2013. From a distance it merely looks like a small and unremarkable ringed circle.

Hackpen Hill, 11 August 2013. Note the white horse to the right in the photo above, and – just to the left of the circle – the ghost of the Hackpen Hill cubes formation of August 2012, which was in the same field. Hackpen Hill photos above and below by Janet Ossebaard.

A closer look, however, reveals a striking hexagram lay.


This was one of those circles which was for the most part neglected when it appeared, but which was loved by all who took the time to appreciate it, especially those who visited. Its qualities take effort on the part of the participant. Perhaps that is the message of these two circles; get to know them, appreciate the detail, rather than just give the aerials a quick glance and a ‘yeah that’s nice’ or ‘fail’.

We’ve not seen anybody else link these two circles, though to our minds the relationship is obvious. Cherrington 2014 is Hackpen Hill 2013 taken to the next level.

Boom! Crop Circle

A short piece from The Daily Echo regarding a (non-commissioned) circle that recently appeared very close to the Boomtown Festival held at The Punchbowl, Hampshire. We note that Andrew Pyrka isn’t yelling ‘commission!’, ‘this is man-made artwork!’ from the rooftops, as he was with a circle that similarly appeared back in 2012. The Punchbowl was, of course, a prime circles location throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Article here; screen captures below.

boomtown 2014

boomtown 2014 2