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Boom! Crop Circle

A short piece from The Daily Echo regarding a (non-commissioned) circle that recently appeared very close to the Boomtown Festival held at The Punchbowl, Hampshire. We note that Andrew Pyrka isn’t yelling ‘commission!’, ‘this is man-made artwork!’ from the rooftops, as he was with a circle that similarly appeared back in 2012. The Punchbowl was, of course, a prime circles location throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. Article here; screen captures below.

boomtown 2014

boomtown 2014 2

Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, 9 August 2012 # 2 [mc]

Andrew Pyrka’s promised article setting out his proof that this formation was commissioned:-


Aside from the ludicrous rhetoric – e.g. “Just as we all thought that the 2012 crop circle season was nearing an end, along came this well made crop formation.  When you first see an image such as the one above, the initial reaction is to express an outpouring of admiration by words such as ‘WOW ‘ !.  This kind of reaction is not surprising as  30 years of mind conditioning and manipulating  has taken its toll on all who have taken an interest in this controversial topic.” – why not just admit people respond to it in the same way as they respond to beauty in any artistic medium? Was years of mind control and conditioning neccessary before people could view the Cistine Chapel and say ‘wow’?

Andrew’s evidence that this formation was commissioned seems to be phone calls to the organisers, at first telling him it wasn’t commissioned, another person giving him a throwaway ‘so what if it is?’, followed by another telling him it wasn’t. So out of who knows how many calls he claims to have made – at least three – he chooses to believe the one that fits his already-established opinion and ignores all the others. What if the person who implied it was was winding him up and the others were telling the truth?

Andrew finishes with the claim that the circle was made by Rob Irving, his sole evidence seeming to be that Mr Irving made a post on a Facebook page discussing it. What about the posts made by Mr Irving on Report A Crop Circle Formation – Andrew’s very Facebook page – that are completely to the contrary? No, no need to mention those.

So, nothing new at all here, and more to the point none of the proof that was promised.

Outstanding research, Mr Pyrka!

Miles Challett

Winchester, Hampshire, 9 August 2012 [mc]

This is a masterful creation, which is perhaps why Report A Crop Circle Formation have made it their mission to utterly kick the stuffing out of it.

First we hear speak of the ‘Jugglers Lane Fiasco’. Now maybe I’ve got a different dictionary to Mr Pyrka’s, but the use of the word ‘fiasco’ here (capitalised or not) is way off the mark. To recap: a formation was discovered at Jugglers Lane earlier this season, it was photographed and much-liked for its precision and beauty, quite early in the day of its discovery rumours began to circulate that it was made with the farmer’s permission, and these rumours were soon confirmed. Some people chose not to believe these rumours, favouring a more esoteric origin – though that has been the case with pretty much every commissioned circle in history, so there’s nothing to stop the press about there. And that’s it. No ‘fiasco’ whatsoever, except on Planet Pyrka where there’s no shortage of moles ready to turn their hills into mountains.

Next we have the bald assertion that this formation is ‘commissioned art work’. Is it? No proof is given, and anybody asking for it has had their posts blocked or banned from the thread. Not for doubting the claim, mind, just for asking.

Which leads into an opportunity to put the boot in to the Crop Circle Connector.

“Promoted… in a style which creates a frenzy amongst their believers”?  Mr Pyrka sounds frothing and incandescent in his anger.

And what have the Crop Circle Connector done to provoke this ire? Put pictures of this circle on their website and Facebook page (as they have with every other circle this year, including – I should add – the garbage that Mr Pyrka and his friends have fouled fields with). That’s all. That’s what the Connector do.

Andrew, I think you need a lie down. I think the summer heat is getting to you.

Miles Challett