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Our favourite crop circle documentary, made in 1997 and featuring an all-star croppie cast of researchers and circlemakers including Andy Thomas, Busty Taylor, Chad Deetken, Colin Andrews, Doug Bower, Ed Sherwood, John Lundberg, John Sayer, Julian Richardson, Lucy Pringle, Nick Nicholson, Peter Sorensen, Polly Carson, Reg Presley, Rob Irving, Rod Dickinson, Ron Russell, Stuart Dike, Wil Russell, amongst others. Recommended viewing.

Colin Andrews: The Movie

Since Circular Evidence: The Movie ain’t ever gonna get made, watch this instead; Paranormal TV documentary that looks like it was made c.1991/1992 and focusing on Colin Andews and “the unravelling of the mystery of crop circles” (not that much ‘unravelling’ occurs). Also featuring Busty Taylor, Polly Carson, Chad Deetken, Richard Andrews, William Levengood, and a few howlers; tell us, Colin, which year was it that saw 1,500 circles?

Star Dreams

Par-for-the-course, somewhat love-and-light, documentary featuring very much the usual theories and usual suspects, including Andy Thomas, Busty Taylor, Chad Deetken, Charles Mallett, David Kingston, Francine Blake, Freddy Silva, George Wingfield, Isabelle Kingston, Janet Ossebaard, John Haddington, Judith Moore, Karen Alexander, Linda Moulton Howe, Lucy Pringle, Michael Glickman, Paul Anderson, Polly Carson, Rod Bearcloud, Steve Alexander, amongst others.