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Ancient Aliens – Circles From The Sky

Somewhat bland and sensationalist “are crop circles made by aliens?” documentary. Charles Mallett, Linda Moulton Howe, Eltjo Haselhoff, Nancy Talbot, Gary King, and sundry ufologists provide the research perspective. Rob irving, John Lundberg, and Wil Russell recreate the May 1 2005 Alton Priors circle for the cameras.

Oh To Catch A Circlemaker

Miles Johnston’s film Oh To Catch A Circlemaker, detailing the events of the 7th July 2007 East Field formation and its aftermath, is now available to view on YouTube. Link here, or view below.



We personally found this formation a bit of a shambles – it very clearly went wrong, as even a cursory glimpse at the aerial shows – and something of a disgrace to its once mighty location. As the ever-prescient Luther put it on the Crop Circle Connector forum at the time, “There goes the neighbourhood”….

2008 Season Update # 2

“…and still they come”!

We would have anticipated, this close to the Autumn equinox, to be at the end of another season and left with little but chaff and memories and another season’s madness to ponder.

Indeed we expected the 25th August 2008 Alton Priors formation, pictured above (photograph by Russell Stannard) – the fourth (!) in East Field this year and a circle which lasted but hours in the field before the combines moved in – to be the grand finale. But the poor weather in Southern England over the last few weeks has left many fields unharvested and formations still continue to fall. Some of them, it must be said, of exemplary quality. Late wheat formations do tend to have a slightly ragged look to them, due to the extreme ripeness of the crop, but their presence is more than welcome.

 Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, 31st August 2008. Photo by Lucy Pringle.

We’re also very pleased to see that Michael Glickman has a new website.  Even though we disagree with much of what Michael says his reverence and enthusiasm for the circles, tempered with his unique humour, never fails to envigorate. Long may he continue. In this respect, his blog at Temporary Temples is also highly recommended.

NB: Amendment, January 2012 – those Glickers links are no longer valid. Since the time of our writing the above, MG has left Temporary Temples, then set up a website and partnership with Gary King before parting company with him as well. We look forward to his next online home, and hope it a little more permanent this time.