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Hold On A Minute… # 3

Back in the day when Crop Circle Nirvana was a website rather than a blog, we had a feature named ‘Hold On A Minute’, featuring some of our favourite ‘you what, mate? What in hell’s name are you on about!?’ cerealogical moments. You can read the original posts here and here. Though it sometimes seems as if our whole blog has turned into a ‘you what?’ catalogue, we’ve decided to resurrect the feature. Here are a few things that have caught our eye recently. The first is courtesy of Red Collie, aka Horace Drew, the second from Randell Sarneel. If anybody can explain what in sweet baby Jeez’ name either of these two gentlemen is on about, we’d be grateful.


“Are Crop Circles Time Travellers’ Forewarnings of Disasters?”

Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped Your News Wire from running a lengthy article on the notion, focussing in particular on the circle at Gussage st Andrew, Dorset, 13 August 2014. It’s a theory argued previously by Red Collie, though curiously Collie isn’t mentioned here (albeit the article does at times read like it was written by him). Article here; screen captures below.

time travel 1

time travel 2

time travel 3

time travel 4

time travel 5

time travel 6

time travel 7

time travel 8