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Crop Circles: Quest For Truth

Excellent film by William Gazecki, featuring interviews with Karen Alexander, Colin Andrews, Francine Blake, Polly Carson, Michael Glickman, Bert Janssen, Isabelle Kingston, Nick Kollerstrom, Charles Mallett, John Martineau (who is seldom seen in crop circle documentaries), John Michell (likewise), Andreas Muller, Janet Ossebaard, Lucy Pringle, Nancy Talbot, Busty Taylor, Andy Thomas, Paul Vigay, George Wingfield, amongst others.

“Satellite Laser Energy Forms Crop Circles In Southern England?”

No, probably not.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the tired ‘secret satellite technology’ theory put forward as a solution to the crop circle enigma. This article from Digital Journal does just that, along with mentions of the CIA and the late, lamented Paul Vigay, and a number of frankly incorrect assertions (for example that there have been more than 10,000 formations over the years, or that circle numbers are increasing). Article here, screen captures below.

digital journal 1

digital journal 2

digital journal 3

digital journal 4

Crop Circles: Crossovers From Another Dimension

Documentary by Terje Toftenes, and including interviews with Allan Brown, Andreas Muller, Andrew Buckley, Andy Thomas, Bert Janssen, Charles Mallett, David Cayton, Francine Blake, Glenn Broughton, John Sherwood, Karen Alexander, Lucy Pringle, Michael Glickman, Miles Johnston, Nancy Talbot, Paul Vigay, Polly Carson, Robert Hulse, Shawn Randall,  amongst others. Not one of the best crop circle films, by any means, with plenty of myths and incorrect assertions, but worth watching.

Two More Sad Losses

Two more sad losses to the croppie community. Pat Delgado died on 23rd May 2009. John Michell died on 24th April 2009.

Delgado was one of the very first crop circle researchers, drawn in by a pattern in a Hampshire field in 1981 and enraptured and promoting the circles every which way he could. Author of Circular Evidence and Crop Circles: The latest Evidence and Crop Circles: Conclusive Evidence(the former two with Colin Andrews).

Michell… What can we say? Visionary, mythologist, gentleman.In purely cerealogical terms he was integral in the founding of the Centre For Crop Circle Studies, and the first editor of The Cerealogist, and his impact on crop circle study cannot be underestimated. Hell, his impact full stop cannot be underestimated. Readers seeking a suitable epigraph could do a lot worse than read his book The New View Over Atlantis. Therein will you find him, and will find his resonance.

Michell also penned our favourite circular quote, in Crooked Soley: A Crop Circle Revelation (a book co-authored with Allan Brown), which sums up the wonder of the circles and their appeal far more eloquently than we’d attempt to:

“We cannot conscientiously advise anyone to enter the murky world of crop circle research. If you choose to do so – at your own risk – you enter a world of magic. No one has ever spent a summer in the ancient, sacred heart of England, from Avebury to the Vale of Pewsey, where the light and atmosphere are intense and crop circles proliferate, without being changed by the experience. You meet the most remarkable people, and you partake in a process whereby the light of divine knowledge enters minds, and hearts are stirred by the beauty of crop circles in their chosen setting. If you need an addiction, this is the best one you could find.”

Best of addictions indeed.

Erik Beckjord, Jonathan Sherwood, David Kingston, and Paul Vigay, John Michell, Pat Delgado… that’s six major croppies gone in less than a year. We sincerely hope that “ambulance chaser” croppies and conspiracy kooks don’t seek a pattern in this (the first whiff of which seemed to follow the deaths of Vigay and Kingston, but we’re very glad that line of enquiry has since been discarded).

Is It Real? Crop Circles

2004august9westkennettNational Geographic documentary from 2004 featuring Andy Thomas, John Lundberg, John Wabe, Matthew Williams, Nancy Talbot, Paul Vigay, Reg Presley, Robin Allen, amongst others. make a square spiral formation for the cameras (see right).

Two Sad Losses

We were very saddened to learn this last weekend of the death of researcher Paul Vigay.

Though we never got to meet Paul we did correspond with him and his research has had a profound influence on our perspective over the years, and indeed his touch can be found throughout this site. Though we oft disagreed with him, he always struck us as a most intelligent and giving guy. His website remains one of our most favourite circles sites, and we very-much hope somebody else is able to keep it online. He ever seemed one of the more level-headed cerealogists (most days we’d make a joke about tautologies there, but not today) and it’s difficult to imagine somebody else stepping up to the croppie oche as Paul did.

Our deepest condolences to Paul’s family and friends. We are certain that crop circle research won’t be the same without him.

Paul’s death came too soon in the wake of the death of venerable researcher, David Kingston. David had been researching the subject since the 1970s – indeed he was a Ufologist in the Warminster days. Another irreplaceable soul. Our commiserations to the Kingston clan and friends. The reader will find an orbituary here, and David’s website here.

May both go well.