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The First Pictograms

It’s difficult to imagine now, how much of a quantum leap pictograms were. Up until 1990 croppies were acustomed to only seeing circular arrangements in fields. The advent of lines in crop circles took the phenomenon in an entirely new direction (and – intentionally, according to Doug Bower – utterly wrecked Meaden’s plasma vortex theory). Here are a couple of BBC news clips documenting it as it happened, the first covering the very first pictogram to appear at Chilcomb Down, Hampshire, in May 1990, and the second covering the first double pictogram at East Field, Alton Barnes in July 1990. Richard Andrews, Pat Delgado, Terence Meaden, and Colin Andrews provide the researcher perspective. Tim Carson speaks for the farmers.

Colin Andrews: The Movie

Since Circular Evidence: The Movie ain’t ever gonna get made, watch this instead; Paranormal TV documentary that looks like it was made c.1991/1992 and focusing on Colin Andews and “the unravelling of the mystery of crop circles” (not that much ‘unravelling’ occurs). Also featuring Busty Taylor, Polly Carson, Chad Deetken, Richard Andrews, William Levengood, and a few howlers; tell us, Colin, which year was it that saw 1,500 circles?