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Our favourite crop circle documentary, made in 1997 and featuring an all-star croppie cast of researchers and circlemakers including Andy Thomas, Busty Taylor, Chad Deetken, Colin Andrews, Doug Bower, Ed Sherwood, John Lundberg, John Sayer, Julian Richardson, Lucy Pringle, Nick Nicholson, Peter Sorensen, Polly Carson, Reg Presley, Rob Irving, Rod Dickinson, Ron Russell, Stuart Dike, Wil Russell, amongst others. Recommended viewing.

Ancient Aliens – Circles From The Sky

Somewhat bland and sensationalist “are crop circles made by aliens?” documentary. Charles Mallett, Linda Moulton Howe, Eltjo Haselhoff, Nancy Talbot, Gary King, and sundry ufologists provide the research perspective. Rob irving, John Lundberg, and Wil Russell recreate the May 1 2005 Alton Priors circle for the cameras.

Mandelbrot Circle Recreated

Circlemakers John Lundberg and Rob Irving have recreated the famed August 12 1991 Mandelbrot circle from Ickleton, Cambridgeshire (aerial of original by David Parker). Croppies often ask circle makers to recreate specific formations, though when it happens they never seem to take much notice. You can read all about it on the BBC website here, or in the screen shots below. This article is also of note for including John Lundberg’s confession to involvement in the 1996 Oliver’s Castle video incident (a claim which is elaborated on in the book The Field Guide, pages 151-155). Hang on a minute, John, what happened to “We’ve never claimed a crop circle and we never will, because as soon as you do so you kill it”?

bbc cambridgeshire oct 2006 1

bbc cambridgeshire oct 2006

bbc cambridge 2006 2

The two circles shown side by side for comparison (original at bottom).