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John Lundberg, Wil Russell, and Rod Dickinson interviewed in 1997, for the Croppies documentary. These sequences later appeared in their entirety in Matthew Williams’ Circlemakers documentary (from where they are taken here). It’s good to see people talk with intelligence and insight on circle making.


Our favourite crop circle documentary, made in 1997 and featuring an all-star croppie cast of researchers and circlemakers including Andy Thomas, Busty Taylor, Chad Deetken, Colin Andrews, Doug Bower, Ed Sherwood, John Lundberg, John Sayer, Julian Richardson, Lucy Pringle, Nick Nicholson, Peter Sorensen, Polly Carson, Reg Presley, Rob Irving, Rod Dickinson, Ron Russell, Stuart Dike, Wil Russell, amongst others. Recommended viewing.

Rod Dickinson Lecture

Turn-of-the-century lecture by Rod Dickinson, presented at London Earth Mysteries Circle in London (an event which CCN attended). Some audio problems aside – lots of hiss, and the audience questions in the second half are very difficult to hear – it makes for fascinating viewing.

Countryfile – Crop Circle Special 1998

new_yell1998 BBC documentary interviewing Doug Bower, featuring a potted history of the subject, and two commissioned circles, one made by Bower and the other by the team. Also incudes interviews with Terence Meaden, Michael Glickman, Francine Blake, John Lundberg, Matthew Williams, Rod Dickinson, and others. See also this article on the website for more information on their formation (image right).


We have to admit that we’re disappointed that nobody responded to our request for photographs, taken either from Stonehenge or from the roadside, of the July 1996 Julia Set formation.  Here’s why.

Ever since this formation appeared, there have been claims that it formed in daylight.  Part of said claim is that, if the formation had been made the night before, it would have been clearly visible from the road or from Stonehenge itself. But is this true?  Some argue that it isn’t, and that due to the topography of the field in question, it simply went unnoticed until the afternoon.  You can read one such claim, with diagrams, here.  Rod Dickinson claims the same thing, on the Circlemakers website, here.

We were first set along this line of enquiry after reading Freddy Silva’s Secrets In The Fields several years ago.  Page 75 of this book features a shot, taken from Stonehenge and supposed to show the formation, with an arrow pointing to… nothing at all, as far as we can see.  Which, for us, would seem to prove that the formation wasn’t visible from Stonehenge at all, though Silva seems to be using the picture to prove the opposite.

So we repeat our request for photographic evidence that the formation was actually visible from Stonehenge and / or the road.  The issue of the pilot (sometimes more than one, depending on which account you read) that flew over the field in question and stated that it wasn’t there earlier is a separate one, we think, and should be dealt with as such.

We still want to see pictures.

If you have such photographs please forward them to us. Please note that we’re not interested in ‘I was there, I saw it’ claims, or ‘you’re a bunch of debunkers / hoax boosters’ claims, or ‘I read x in y book’ claims, or ”who’s paying you off?’ claims.  What we’re interested in is proof.

 The Stonehenge ‘Julia Set’ of July 1996. Photgraph by Lucy Pringle.

Now That’s What I Call Crop Circles 2004

Herewith our annual round-up of the best (in or view) of this year’s UK circles.


Pegsdon, Hertfordshire, 3rd May 2004. It’s not often that an oilseed rape formation makes it into our yearly best-of. Photo credit unknown.


Ridgeway, Wiltshire, 30th May 2004. Photo credit unknown.


Fort Nelson, Hampshire, 11th June 2004. Photo credit unknown.


Honeystreet, Wiltshire, 16th June 2004. Photo credit unknown.


Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, 25th July 2004. Photo credit unknown.
Beacon Hill, Hampshire, July 28th 2004. Photo credit unknown.


West Kennett, Wiltshire, 29th July 2004. Photo credit unknown.


Wouldham, Kent, 30th July 2004.


Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, 3rd and 4th August 2004. Photo credit Peter Sorensen.


Aldborne, Wiltshire, 6th August 2004. Photo by Lucy Pringle.


Wilton, Wiltshire, 7th August 2004. Photo credit unknown.


 Shalbourne,  Wiltshire, August 8th 2004. Photo credit unknown.


West Kennett, Wiltshire, 9th August 2004. This was made by John Lundberg, Wil Russell, and Rod Dickinson, for a National Geographic documentary, and is certainly the best and neatest square spiral formation we’ve ever seen. Photo by Frank Laumen.