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Milk Hill ‘Galaxy’ Recreated

Snow artist Simon Beck has recreated the famed Milk Hill August 2001 ‘galaxy’ formation in sand. As near as we can tell it’s full-size, too. Okay, so it’s not quite the wheat extravaganza those folks at the Crop Circle Challenge are expecting, but we still consider it an impressive feat, especially for one guy working on his own (!). This formation has been recreated twice in sand before – by croppies Jo and Troy Byrne on a beach at Gerroa, Australia (midle photo) and by unknown artists in the UK (bottom photo).




Different But The Same

Crops aren’t the only canvas for ‘the circlemakers’; herewith some lesser-known media.

Sand Circles

Hit the link for a full gallery – though the vast majority are recreations of designs that have previously appeared in crop fields. Herewith a few samples:


Remake of the famed August 2001 Milk Hill formation
Recreation of a circle that appeared near Stonehenge in July 2002

This last image in particular is in our view much more asethetically pleasing than its crop equivalent which appeared in East Field, Wiltshire, in June 2001:

Snow Art:

You’ll find lots of images at the link above. Herewith some examples:

This last photo is a near-recreation of a design that appeared in wheat at Windmill Hill, Wiltshire, back in July 2002: