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Along with Croppies, perhaps our favourite circles documentary. Its subtitle, “A Journey Into The Heart Of Crop Circle Country”, says it all. Featuring one of the biggest cast lists of any circles doc, including Steve Alexander, Charles Mallett, Michael Glickman, Colin Andrews, Matthew Williams, Lucy Pringle, Terence Meaden, Pat Delgado, Busty Taylor, Peter Sorensen, Doug Bower, John Lundberg, George Wingfield, Francine Blake, Karen Alexander, Freddy Silva, Andy Thomas, William Levengood, Ed Sherwood, Kris Sherwood, Ron Russell, Simeon Hein, Suzanne Taylor, Polly Carson, Tim Carson, Isabelle Kingston, John Wabe, Dan Darby, Geoff Stray, amongst others. Recommended viewing.

Armageddon It On [MC]

I’m long in the tooth enough to have lived through several ends-of-the-world that weren’t, so eyelids were scarce batted when Report A Crop Circle Formation’s predicted ‘2015 Armageddon?’ did not come to pass.


RACCF’s banner image* is both hilarious and confounding, a collection of straw-men the likes of which have not been seen since the legendary Wiltshire Farmers’ Scarecrow Convention of 1989.

Let’s start with their “every truth” hyperbole, and note that ‘truth’ is one of RACCF’s favourite words. By any logical analysis this is flat-out incorrect. ‘Truth’ is entirely relative, and throughout human history there have been many commonly accepted ‘truths’ that were never “violently opposed”. This statement is an intellectual nonsense.

Next, we get to their analysis of 2014 – regular readers of my blog, and other “counter to RACCF” news pages, will know that every line of this is baloney.

What ‘truth’ – that word again! – has been hidden? Since the 1980s there has been a tremendous amount of investigation into and public exposure of circle making – not only via rent-a-rant Matthew Williams and the gentlemen, but by crop circle researchers. To name but some – Jenny Randles, Paul Fuller, Ian Mrzyglod, Ken Brown, George Wingfield, Rob Irving, Jim Schnabel, John Macnish, Terence Meaden, Jurgen Kronig, Peter Rendall, Peter Sorensen, Terry Brown, Freddy Silva, Simeon Hein… I have little doubt that most of these names – let alone their work – are unheard of to RACCF.

Have circle makers been ignored? If RACCF’s feed is anything to go by, the buggers couldn’t shut up even if they tried, and silence should of course be the creed of any circle maker worth their salt in the first place. I’m reminded of ‘goatboy’ from The Crop Circle Connector Forum’s summation of the role of the circle maker (which I have also seen attributed to Rob Irving) as “Enter field. Make circle. Leave field. Shut the fuck up”. If anything circle makers should be ignored if they want their circles to be taken seriously, to stand and be considered on their own merits. If they don’t like this, and want artistic acclaim, they shouldn’t make circles. Simples.

As for “start selling tickets”, “farmers cut out circles”, and “act like not your fault [sic.]”, I shan’t go over these points again here as they have all been dealt with previously on this blog and I don’t wish to needlessly repeat myself. Instead I refer you to the articles Farmers, Lies and Videotape, The Boycott That Still Never Was, and “Sadly It Has Come To This”, amongst others.

Andrew Pyrka likes to imagine himself a shepherd of men, a table-turning messiah come to spread the ‘truth’ amongst the ignorant. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him – or any of his RACCF brethren – that anybody could possibly have ever considered crop circles to be man-made in the past, despite more than 20 years of extensive investigation into and documentation of this aspect of the subject before he bumbled onto the scene. His ignorance of the subject and its history is sometimes breathtaking. Oh how we laughed when for example he discussed the ‘malting stage’ of barley. Oh how we laughed when he accused for example Rob Irving (yes, the same Rob Irving who has publicly espoused a human origin since 1992, producing countless articles, two books, and numerous TV appearances) of distorting evidence in order to deceive others into believing a non-human origin of crop circles. Oh how we laughed again and again.

touched by the hand of pyrka

Like most messianic wannabes, Mr Pyrka’s world-view is depressingly black and white. In his mind, either one knows the ‘truth’ that all crop circles are made by human artists, or one believes that all crop circles are made by aliens. In reality, of course, different people believe a great many diverse things, and even those who entertain the view that some crop circles may have a non-human origin hold a wide and arrayed range of opinions as to the essence of that source. Only for a few is it aliens.

Let the people consider Exhibit # 1, the massively magnified to the point of blurring photographs of bits of field and hedge and tree-line, in which Mr Pyrka’s pareidoliac eyes see ‘aliens’. If we couldn’t see them too we were simply wrong. Here are some examples. Mr Pyrka claims to have never digitally manipulated his images. I don’t believe him.

Its In The Trees Its Coming



Let the people consider Exhibit #2, the blog Andrew Pyrka Watch, which documents more examples of Mr Pyrka’s chicanery than I have the time, space, or enthusiasm for here.

Let the people consider Exhibit #3, #4, #5, and #6, Mr Pyrka’s own website and Facebook pages, Crop  Circle Wisdom (a great deal of which has been doctored or deleted over the years though thanks to The Way Back Machine we can still read it as originally written), Report A Crop Circle Formation, the Crop Circle Wisdom Facebook page, and Crop Circles The People The Mystery The Truth (note that Mr Pyrka denies any association with this latter page. Note also that that its unique, ungainly, pidgin grammatical style is identical to those of himself and his RACCF colleague and close associate Sue Davies).

Let the people consider Exhibit # 7, Report A Crop Circle Formation Exposed, which, like Pyrka Watch, has done a great deal of work in uncovering Mr Pyrka’s and RACCF’s sleight-of-fact.

Let the people assess all the above evidence, and make up their own minds as to the ‘truth’, and as to whether Mr Pyrka is indeed the chosen one or merely a deluded Cheltenham taxi driver.

I’ve touched in other posts on the subject of control, which in my opinion is the real underlying message here. RACCF’s relentless silencing of any dissenting view via post-deletion and banning on their pages. The persecution of Monique Klinkenbergh, Steve Alexander, and Silent Circle, all of whom provide information and commentary on the circles which runs counter to RACCF. The inane ‘Wiltshire Boycott’ and the seamy ‘Wellygate’. The vile personal attacks on the above individuals, and against Suzanne Taylor, Michael Glickman, Francine Blake, Gary King, Terry Hall, and numerous others, simply because they happen to hold differing opinions on the subject of crop circles, all the while championing themselves as the only source of ‘truth’. They want total control of the subject. They want theirs to be the only views you hear. They want to be the one and only source of information for new circles, for commentary on those circles, and to know (and to have the right to sometimes hint at) the authorship of all circles. If they can’t have that, if they can’t shape the crop circle phenomenon into a product of their own management and guidance, they want to destroy it.

If there is to be an Armageddon, it is one of these chumps’ own making.

demise of crop circles(Posted on CCPMT, October 2014)

*Note that in between the first draft of this article and my finalising and posting it, RACCF changed their banner image – here is the current version.

RACCF banner 2

Miles Challett

Crop Circles The People The Mystery The Truth [mc]

Crop circle Facebook pages come and go. The latest, the ironically named ‘Crop Circles The People The Mystery The Truth’, is perhaps the nastiest yet.


Where do we start? The page’s ‘Mission Statement’ is a good place –

 ‘Allow me to step into a quick introduction of what I used to do and why have I taken upon myself to combat pathetic battles within the crop circle community .I am a retired **** pilot who has seen a great deal in this life of mine. I now work on demand with a security firm which takes me away to many interesting places which allows me to integrate with people from all walks of life.

During my time in the forces, there was one particular niggle which used to send my blood pressure through the roof and that’s ‘ BULLIES ‘. Thankfully and in most cases issues were solved before escalation reached uncontrollable levels. In plain words I simply hate bullies.

In my spare time, which I have considerable more than I would like these days, I surf crop circle pages to catch up on the latest gossip and news. Why ? . That will be answered in time to come so make sure you pop back now and again .

In the last few days I received an invite to a new crop circle page which I declined . What I saw at first was OK and fair enough until few days later a post popped up which instantly sent me back to what I experienced in the forces.

So what I intend to do, which I will do fairly and squarely, is to explore each individual within the crop circle community. I will give credit where its due, I will be critical, I will advise where I can, I will provide a fair assessment of what I think of you but be prepared to be torn apart if you cross the line . Got it ? Good!’ [sic. throughout].

This is – to be frank – bullshit, as is the claim that ‘Contrary to belief , there is a misconception in thinking that this page has anything to do with other crop circle pages … Whatever you are thinking , you are 100% wrong . We are a small independent group who’s wishes are to put the record straight where we possibly can.’ [sic. throughout]. Reading these statements, one might reasonably ask which individual or individuals consider themselves qualified to make such assessments, indeed to ‘give advice’ as to where every single person in the crop circle community has gone wrong. Their identity isn’t hard to deduce, and most certainly is not a retired pilot.

It has been blatant from the start this page is an off-shoot of the Report A Crop Circle Formation page. As has been noted by others on the page, one giveaway is the unique linquistic style of the posts, one shared by RACCF’s administrators. Does this matter? Since a page that claims to tell only the truth is clearly founded on untruths, yes.

So which crop circle personalities have been assessed thus far? Here is a sampling:

The ‘completely naive’ Francine Blake:
blakeThe ‘bully’ Charles Mallett:
charles mallettThe ‘victim of deception’ Winston Keech:
keechGary King – also ‘naive’:
kingThe ‘nauseating’ Suzanne Taylor:
susanne taylorThe ‘victim of abuse’ Matthew Williams (a particularly hilarious claim given Williams’ approach to crop circle ‘research’ over the years, which – as anybody who has watched his YouTube channel will know – consists chiefly of expletive-heavy attacks and vitriol aimed at anybody who doesn’t share his opinions):
williamsThis post is now getting rather lengthy, so I’ll split my next few observations into separate posts. There is also = in my view – a much bigger issue underlying all of this, which I also intend to highlight in due course.